Eco friendly bathroom

Eco-friendly interiors are not only one of the main trends of our time but also a great way to make friends with nature. Moreover, in the bathroom, Eco-style is the most relevant, appropriate, and organic. It is in this functional zone that a person naturally comes into contact with own nature and most fully interacts with the natural element of water. The rules for designing an Eco-friendly bathroom are universal and quite simple – natural shades, natural textures, and green plants.

Would you like to enjoy a true oasis at home? Give your bathroom more natural vibes. Such an interior is an ideal option for those who seek to create a relaxed atmosphere and a healthy microclimate at home. To your attention – the basic techniques with which you can create your organic bathroom.

Colors of the nature

In the Eco-bathroom, neutral, not-too-bright colors and muted shades are welcome. As usual, gray, beige, brown, and shades of green palette prevail here. It uses exceptionally soft colors. The color of trees, ground, stone, animals, with all its diversity, is insinuating, subdued, and unobtrusive.

An eco-friendly bathroom design does not imply a riot of colors and pronounced color contrasts, the visual picture should be rather calming and peaceful. However, there is also a place for bright details. First, the green color, which can be rich and vivid. Secondly, it is white. Perhaps, only in Eco-style, this is not a background, but rather an accent in the interior. Dazzling white does not exist in nature, but you can use it for a stylized effect.

beatiful bathroom design

Natural materials

In addition to soft colors, the basis of Eco-style is the use of natural materials, textured and voluminous finishes that imitate natural surfaces. When decorating in this style, plastic elements and other artificial details should be avoided. Best suited for various elements: wood, stone, clay, as well as natural fabrics such as cotton. It is also important to remember that all shapes should be as simple and smooth as possible, without sharp corners.

Even though the main finishing material of the bathroom is tile, the ecological style welcomes the use of elements made of bamboo, natural stone, glass, pebbles, or gypsum. This applies not only to decoration but also to objects and accessories. For example, a stone sink, a canoe-shaped wooden bath or a wicker laundry basket fit well into an Eco-interior. Such an element can be the main focus.

When choosing bathroom tiles, pay attention to texture. It is good if there is a slight roughness and relief, three-dimensional images – an imitation of wood, shell rock, or stone. Eco-style does not welcome gloss and metallic, marble imitation, contrasting abstraction. A great option for wall decor is pebbles, installations made of bamboo or tree trunks. 

Also, quite often original glass partitions are used in an Eco-friendly bathroom, while it is worth remembering that the glass must have a special resistance and appropriate thickness, and also it should be well tempered. Very often, when creating an ecological style, photo printing on glass, tiles or moisture-resistant photo wallpapers is used. Of course, it is worth choosing natural scenes that will be the main element of the interior or harmoniously complement it.

Decor and accessories

Eco-style is characterized by a variety of items that are most suitable for natural themes. It can be different panels on the walls, fragmentary decoration with a large stone, artificial creepers, a mosaic of shells, large tall floor vases with artificial plants or specially treated deadwood. In addition, creative wall and ceiling installations can be added: compositions from bamboo, wood, branches, and grass. Murals, stained-glass windows, plant walls, and ikebana are also perfectly combined with this Eco-friendly style. The mirror can be framed with material that imitates various plants, grass, and moss.

When arranging lighting, they also adhere to the principles of rational use of resources. LED lamps and strips are preferred: their power consumption is 10 times less than traditional incandescent lamps. In an Eco-friendly bathroom, lamps are not exposed. No bulky chandeliers and wall sconces, and gilded ceiling lamps hanging from the ceiling. Light sources are often masked so that the room is illuminated by reflected light.

Green plants

And last but not least. The presence of green plants in all their diversity. This is what gives Eco-friendly style its zest. Of course, plants that appear more often in bathrooms deserve close attention, both in the form of small flowers and in designs with moss on the walls or built-in grass pots. They perform two functions at once – they create a natural atmosphere and serve as a bright color accent.

However, not all plants are suitable for bathroom decor. Keep in mind that high humidity and frequent lack of natural light can be detrimental to most green spaces. Such plants as bamboo, fern, spathiphyllum, dracaena and sansevieria will look relevant for the bathroom.

The style, which puts ecological cleanliness and naturalness at the forefront, is perfectly combined with the water element that dominates the bathroom. The main goal of this design is to create an aesthetic and comfortable room with a healthy microclimate that does not harm either the environment or human health. Create your personal oasis of calm and balance in the bathroom with Eco-friendly tips.