How to properly use highlighter on your face

A woman who skillfully uses makeup is always “armed” and very beautiful. If you use cosmetics wisely, excellent results are guaranteed. Many ways help hide facial imperfections, change its shape, highlight advantages, and remove signs of fatigue. One of these products is a highlighter.

Highlighter for the face – what is it?

Many girls and women may have heard or read about it, but for some reason they neglect to use it, believing that applying additional cosmetics will make their makeup heavier. And it’s completely in vain because using a highlighter for makeup will allow women to look like a star on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Highlighter is a cosmetic product that is designed to sculpt the face and means “illumination and accent.” This is also called a text marker and a tool in Photoshop. The product has completely different colors, depending on its purpose.

This makeup product is available in the following forms:
  • stick;
  • liquid powder or compressed;
  • tube with a thin spout;
  • glitter cream.

This product has a delicate and weightless structure. The highlighter contains special substances – pigments that have photochromic and reflective properties.

Note: Do not confuse highlighter with powder or other foundations. This is not a concealer, and if there is a pimple on your face, you cannot cover it up with a highlighter, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect. To disguise acne or scars, it is better to use concealer.

What is a highlighter used for?

The primary task of this product is to brighten the skin and highlight certain areas of the face. It is also used for:
  • provide the skin with a fresh and toned appearance;
  • hide small wrinkles;
  • visually enlarge the eyes;
  • illusory remove prominent or deep parts (too long nose, sunken eyes);
  • give the skin a natural shine (not to be confused with an oily sheen).

The product contains reflective particles, due to which easily solve the tasks assigned to it, merging with the texture of the skin.

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Highlighters vary in release form. What is better to choose, each girl decides for herself, depending on her habits and preferences. The product can be crumbly, solid, and in the form of a pencil or cream.

To make the right choice, you need to know exactly for what purpose the cosmetic product is planned to be applied to the face:
  • For artificial or evening lighting it is preferable to use product in compact or crumbly form.

Note: it is better to apply a crumbly product with a shimmer effect in a small layer using a makeup brush and after applying all other products.

  • Liquid or cream highlighter will help correct the oval of the face or highlight certain areas, such as the lip line or eyes.

Note: The advantages of a liquid product are that it is quickly absorbed; lasts longer and is convenient when correcting a large area.

  • Highlighter in the form of a pencil with a brush at the end – designed for treating small areas.

Note: A highlighter pencil will help emphasize on the eyes: in the corners, above the eyelid, and also divide the face into zones.

  • This powder highlighter with a shimmering effect is designed to cover large areas of the face and is applied using a blush brush.

Note: this highlighter adds radiance to the face and has several shade options.

  • Highlighter in the form of balls will save money. It is used on large areas, both on the face and in the low neck area.

Note: By using a shimmer highlighter in the form of balls, you can get a mono color or a combination of all colors at once. If your skin is normal, then this product can replace powder. If you are oily, then it is better to make a thin layer of powder under the highlighter.

  • A highlighter in the form of a stick is a type of cream highlighter, but the emphasis is on compactness.

Note: This is one of the most convenient options. The highlighter stick is easy to apply and blend, and is also quite economical.

How to apply highlighter correctly

Highlighter should be applied on perfect skin without any imperfections to give a healthy looking skin. If you don’t prepare your face, every pimple and blemish will stand out more. Even out your skin tone with your favorite concealer, and for spot problems, use a corrector. Apply a thin layer of product and blend thoroughly. The rule “less is better” works here, otherwise there is a risk of becoming like a Christmas tree decoration.

Traditionally, face highlighter is applied to the cheekbones, the upper lip, the bridge of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, under the eyebrows, the chin, forehead and, if necessary, the eyelid. To correct your appearance, it is important to know some tricks.

Forehead. To emphasize the freshness of your face, add highlighter to your forehead and eyebrow area. Lightening the central part of the forehead helps to elongate the oval and makes the makeup harmonious.

Eyes area. If you want to achieve visual enlargement of your eyes, apply the product to the corners. You can do this directly with the brush itself or with your fingertips using point movements, and then blend evenly.

Nose and bridge of the nose. Highlighter on this area helps to correct the shape and even shorten this part of the face if necessary. To do this, you need to lighten the back of the nose, not reaching the tip with a thin line, without shading in width.

Cheekbones. The largest amount is applied to the cheekbones to give the skin radiance and make features more expressive. The highlighter on the cheekbones is distributed along the entire length of the cheekbone with careful shading of the boundaries. In this case, the line should end near the outer corner of the eye.

Lips. Highlighter is applied to the lips to give them additional volume and even out their proportions. So, a highlighter above the lip will help increase it, and a small amount under the lower lip will give the desired volume and curl.

By following the advice of professional makeup artists, you can easily create high-quality makeup.

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