Lymph drainage massage – what is it?

The lymphatic drainage massage emerges as a revolutionary therapeutic practice, celebrated for its subtle approach tailored to alleviate discomfort caused by edema in the limbs. This method meticulously targets the comprehensive lymphatic system, with the following pivotal objectives:

  • Enhancing lymph flow to optimize cellular oxygenation.
  • Efficiently removing surplus body fluids, reducing edema, and preventing the development of cellulite.
  • Accelerating metabolism to support holistic well-being and weight management.

This massage technique serves a dual purpose, addressing both health and cosmetic aspects. Beyond alleviating discomfort, lymphatic drainage massage plays a vital role in rejuvenating skin health and firmness. For optimal outcomes, it is recommended as a preliminary step before a range of cosmetic procedures, such as anti-cellulite massages, facial rejuvenation treatments, deep skin cleansing, and more.

The success of this technique lies in the refined manipulation of lymph nodes and flows. By applying this approach, the circulation of lymphatic fluid is expedited, aiding in the effective elimination of toxins, bacteria, and other harmful substances from cells.

Why do you need a lymph drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is necessary in the fight against cellulite, to reduce body weight, eliminate puffiness, and “bags” under the eyes. A properly performed massage has a very deep effect on the skin, muscle tissue, and fat deposits and even improves immunity.

This kind of massage is a necessary procedure for many diseases. For example, it stops the development of varicose veins. In addition, it does an excellent job of resolving scars, removing burn marks, eliminating stretch marks, and reducing acne and swelling of the limbs.

The use of the lymphatic drainage technique, together with proper nutrition and exercises, significantly speeds up the process of losing weight. Fat deposits are broken down faster and excess fluid is removed from them. Stagnation of lymph in tissues and its thickening make any diet ineffective. To start the process of weight loss, you need to speed up the flow of lymph in the body. This can be done in two ways – lymphatic drainage massage and exercises. The first method, of course, is simpler and faster; massage accelerates the flow of fluid by 6-8 times.

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Types of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage is carried out in two techniques. The first one is carried out by a qualified specialist, manually influencing certain areas of the body. The second is performed using special massage devices. These types of massage are made in the same way for different parts of the body.

Hardware procedures include microcurrent massage, used to reduce body weight, and vacuum massage. The feature of the latter type of massage is that it applies pressure to certain areas to accelerate lymph flow.

A special type of manual massage is Japanese. This is a complex of manipulations performed on the face. It is considered very effective for combating swelling and rejuvenating the skin.

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage

This procedure is now carried out by many salons using special devices. Their effect is based on pressure therapy and vacuum influence. Some believe that this procedure is not as effective as manual massage, because it does not take into account the individual characteristics of each person’s body. However, this is not true; modern devices have many settings, with which you can make a fairly accurate adjustment of the devices for each patient.

The procedure lasts 30-40 minutes. To obtain a good effect, 14-15 procedures are required, two per week. The best result will be obtained if you combine hardware and manual massage.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage

Engaging in this process is a truly delightful and soothing experience, recommended for a duration of no less than an hour, typically extending to an hour and 15 minutes. To commence, the specialist skillfully releases muscle tension, employing specialized oils to gently unlock the pores during a relaxing massage.

The focus then shifts to a targeted influence on the lymphatic system. Delicate pressure is strategically applied to specific regions housing concentrated lymph nodes—the collarbone, abdomen, and groin—to liberate the flow of lymph. Subsequently, employing fluid, undulating motions, the massage therapist stimulates capillaries, activates neurons, and impacts the lymph nodes. Each technique is executed with a deliberate, unhurried pace, aligning with the natural direction of lymphatic flow.

Japanese lymphatic drainage massage

This massage technique was developed by the Japanese Tanaka Yukuko. It activates the outflow of fluid to the lymph nodes. Has a good rejuvenating effect and you can do it yourself at home.

The massage consists of thirteen steps, each of which is repeated three times. The procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. It can be performed lying down or sitting, the main thing is that your back is straight during the process. Before the massage, wash your face with warm water and apply oil.

All actions are performed with three fingers. They are pressed against the entire surface and move in the direction of the lymph flows. The action ends with a click in the node area.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed on various parts of the body. It can be done at home; simply master facial skin manipulations, including Japanese massage. It is more difficult with massage for other parts of the body.

It is recommended to take a course from a specialist, and then independently maintain the effect by repeating his actions. You can massage your legs, chest, stomach, face. However, it is no longer possible to perform a high-quality anti-cellulite massage of the entire body.

Let’s consider the technique of performing massage on different parts.

Lymphatic drainage massage for legs

The indication for it is varicose veins. This procedure is very effective for getting rid of cellulite in the legs. The massage is performed using essential oils, ground coffee, and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The procedure should be painless. Before the manipulations, you need to take a relaxing bath, and then a wrap. To get the best effect, you need to follow a drinking regime and drink at least two liters of water per day, but after the session, you should not drink for two hours.

However, it is worth noting that this procedure has a contraindication – the presence of damage, for example, trophic ulcers, which may accompany varicose veins.

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Lymphatic drainage facial massage

The method is straightforward and easily executable at home, with the massage recommended every other day. It is crucial to adhere to a gentle approach, especially when applying pressure to the face, as the skin in this region is thin and sensitive, posing a risk of bruising. Optimal timing for the procedure is in the latter part of the day, and it is essential to perform the massage on clean skin. Following the session, it is advisable to rest for an hour and refrain from heading outdoors immediately.

A course comprising 10-15 sessions yields noticeable results, diminishing puffiness and under-eye bags while enhancing skin elasticity and promoting a rejuvenated appearance. Positive changes in skin condition may even be observed after the initial session.

Lymphatic drainage massage for eyelids

Another accessible type of home massage is lymphatic drainage of the area around the eyes. The effect is aimed specifically at eliminating swelling of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes. They often add age to appearance. Masking them gives only a temporary effect, but lymphatic massage is a fundamental way to combat them.

In addition, manipulations reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. This procedure can be performed either by hand or with the help of special devices. 7-10 sessions are carried out daily in the morning, and then once a week in the evening to maintain the effect.

Lymphatic drainage massage of the abdomen

The procedure involves massaging the lymph nodes of the abdominal area and helps reduce fat. However, it has several contraindications. These are pregnancy, infectious diseases of the abdominal cavity, and menstruation.

You can also perform a technique at home by massaging the lymphatic flows and nodes yourself. Manipulations begin from the navel, circular movements are made clockwise, which gradually cover the entire abdominal area. The massage ends with light tapping over the entire abdominal area. Thus, the fluid is driven to the inguinal lymph nodes.

Lymphatic drainage massage for chest

Its healing effect is to remove congestion in the mammary glands, prevent mastitis, and the formation of cysts. You won’t be able to do it yourself, as it is performed while lying on your back, with your arms under your head.

Pressure is applied from the center of the chest to the armpits. Then between the ribs from bottom to top. The effects are carried out with your fingertips, very carefully. The procedure is completed by pressing with closed fingers along the center of the chest.

Lymphatic drainage massage for the body

Lymphatic drainage of the entire body is recommended at least once a week. This procedure activates the work of the whole body. Like any type of massage, this has several contraindications – pregnancy, tumors, local inflammation, serious pathologies of the lymphatic or circulatory systems, and damage to the skin.

The benefits of lymphatic drainage are known and proven. Already from the first session, an improvement in the body’s condition is felt. And after the full course, both the therapeutic and cosmetic effect is obvious. The main condition is regularity because the effect of any procedure requires constant maintenance. It is not possible to perform a lymphatic drainage massage of the whole body on your own; for this, it is recommended to contact a specialist or carry out a hardware procedure in a salon.

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