How to deal with constant fatigue?

The rhythm of modern life is often associated with physical and emotional fatigue. Ignoring the overwork of the body can lead to irreparable consequences for health. Therefore, it is important to know the causes of this condition and effectively combat it. Prevention of chronic exhaustion is based on an integrated approach.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

From a physiological point of view, fatigue is a systematic lack of energy in the body due to metabolic disorders in cells. As a result, a person experiences psycho-emotional discomfort. This condition interferes with normal communication with others and affects moral exhaustion. Chronic weakness manifests itself gradually. Scientists agree that this condition is a somatic disease.

The main signs of the disorder are:
  • lack of strength decreased overall level of performance;
  • fatigue sets in quickly;
  • sudden mood swings;
  • poor sleep (intermittent, not bringing cheerfulness);
  • intense headaches;
  • irritability, poor concentration;
  • immune dysfunction;
  • high body temperature;
  • the appearance of pain in muscles and joints;
  • increased sensitivity, and irritability to light, and noise.

Chronic fatigue reduces a human’s quality of life. The causes of this process may be viral infections, frequent stress and emotional stress, and lack of micro- and macronutrients.

Effective ways to combat fatigue

Lifestyle and sleep pattern

Many people know about the healing properties of sleep. Its optimal duration should be at least 8 hours. A 45-minute lunchtime relaxation after-work activity is also recommended. However, the day’s rest should not be too long. Otherwise, falling asleep at night may be difficult.

It is best to plan your working day by alternating work and rest. Walking in the fresh air and practicing physical self-correction have a restorative effect. Exercise with increasing physical activity can improve the general condition of the human body.

Psychotherapeutic influence

A visit to a certified psychologist will allow you to effectively deal with the causes of the disorder. The specialist will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, identify the sources of fatigue and select the optimal recovery method. This approach will provide reliable control over symptoms.

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Taking medications

The use of different medications is possible taking into account the current disease. This could be a disorder of the endocrine gland, anemia, depression, etc. The appointment is carried out directly by a specialized doctor. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, and cancer. Additional sources of magnesium and B vitamins are no less useful.

An important point when using medications is side effects. Thus, antihistamines can provoke allergic reactions. Various beta blockers can cause a decrease in energy in the body.

Restorative massage

Therapeutic massage has a positive effect on the state of the human nervous system as a whole. As a result, blood circulation is normalized, the level of oxygen saturation increases, and interstitial metabolism is optimized. The therapeutic effect goes well with aromatherapy. Massage should only be performed by a certified specialist with medical education who can take into account all possible contraindications.

Balanced diet

Timely intake of quality food is the key to replenishing the necessary energy supply. Lack of nutrients leads to the development of a feeling of fatigue. A person constantly experiences weakness and drowsiness. Therefore, a careful analysis of your diet and the inclusion of missing foods in it is important (for example, dairy products, meat, herbs, etc.).

Elimination of diseases

Acute forms of various diseases often affect human activity. If you have problems with the intestines, you need to undergo appropriate tests. In some cases, a comprehensive endoscope examination may be necessary. If the disease is confirmed, you will need to review your diet.

Unfortunately, a huge number of people face heart problems. This is characterized by attacks of weakness, constant fatigue, heavy breathing, and decreased appetite. Treatment in this case depends on the results of the ECG and ultrasound. Effective preventative measures include physical exercise and a low-fat diet.

Constant fatigue of a person depends on many factors. By studying your lifestyle and current illnesses, you can develop a suitable recovery method. It is important to remember that normalizing sleep, proper nutrition and a balance between work and rest will help effectively combat the signs of fatigue.

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