How to organize an ergonomic workplace at home

The global trend in the labor market is clear. Every year more and more people work remotely and their place of work most often becomes their own living space. Therefore, it is important to take a responsible approach to organizing your workplace. A comfortable desk, ergonomic chair, and useful accessories will create a working mood and help you to be productive.

Organizing a home office

Is it possible to work at home without creating a special place for it? Yeah, why not? You can sit with your laptop on the sofa or in your favorite chair and work enthusiastically. However, this approach does not work for everyone. In such an environment, it is difficult to get into a working mood and find a position in which you can work for several hours in a row. An ergonomic workplace will increase your productivity and, most importantly, help preserve your health.

Even in a small apartment where it is not possible to organize an office, you can find a place to work. And the right furniture and thoughtful accessories for work will make it comfortable.

Choosing a suitable table

You should start organizing your workplace by choosing a proper table. The dimensions of its tabletop should be large enough to comfortably accommodate everything necessary for work. At the same time, the table should be compact enough to fit even into a small room or loggia. The optimal length of the tabletop for work is considered to be 120-150 cm, and the depth can be 60 cm, but a more convenient option would be a tabletop with a depth of 80 cm.

The choice of table height is more individual. Although there is a standard height (usually 75 cm), it is not comfortable for everyone. Those people whose height deviates significantly from the average will experience inconvenience, especially during long-term work. Also, a stationary table of standard height will not suit those who like to work while standing. In this case, adjustable-height desks are the ideal solution. Using an electric drive, the height can be changed from 75 to 121 cm by a remote control. You can fix the table at a comfortable height for you or change the position while working, adjusting the table for different working positions.
work laprop on the desk

A convenient chair is a necessary condition for comfort

The second important element of a comfortable workspace is the chair. The ergonomic option is suitable for long-term work. When choosing one, give preference to models that can be customized to your parameters. Ideally, the seat of the chair should be so deep that between its edge and the knees, there is a distance equal to the width of the palm. In this case, there will be no pressure on the vessels of the legs. The height of the seat should be such that your feet are on the floor. The ability to adjust the height will make it easier to select a chair.

The back of the chair should fit as close as possible to your back, providing a secure fit. A bend in the lumbar region is required. Also, the backrest should be adjustable in both height and angle.

It is worth paying attention to the armrests. This is especially important for those who use a mouse in their work. In this case, the hands on the armrests should be at table level. The armrest adjustment mechanisms will allow you to set a comfortable position.

Sit in a chair, do not rush to get up. Evaluate how comfortable it will be to spend long working hours in it. Choose the chair that will best meet your comfort criteria.

Useful things

Many useful little things can make your work much easier and faster. For example, pay attention to how your computer monitor is placed. Incorrect positioning leads to increased strain on the eyes and neck muscles. The center of the monitor should be at eye level. The distance to it should be at least 50 cm. A lifting monitor stand can adjust the installation parameters and quickly change them if necessary. This handy accessory can also be used to mount your monitor to the edge of a tabletop.
Desk order is one of the important factors in creating a working mood. To get rid of tangled wires, you should use all-in-one computers, wireless mice and keyboards.
However, when we need to charge a mobile device, we take out a regular charger and look for an outlet for it. Wireless charging allows you to charge your mobile phone without hassle. Stylish and compact, it can lie on the table or can be built into the countertop, remaining almost invisible.
Work is often so exciting that you don’t want to be distracted by lunch or a cup of your favorite drink. However, you can take something hot to drink at your desk. You don’t have to worry about your favorite drink getting cold. Special heated mugs will keep it hot for a long time.

Responsibly arrange a comfortable workplace; spare no time or money for this. Remember that such investments will undoubtedly pay off in the future.

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