TOP 7 pieces of furniture that should be in a small apartment

One of the serious problems of small-sized apartments is the limited ability to accommodate the necessary items for life.

When choosing a sofa or bed, it is important to consider the following recommendations:

  • The dimensions of the furniture should be related to the layout and area of the room.
  • Choosing furniture upholstery from practical fabrics is preferable: matting, eco-leather, water-repellent textiles.
  • The functionality of the furniture (the presence of additional drawers and shelves for storage, the size and spaciousness of the bed).

Lighting also plays an important role: choosing light upholstery shades and light tones will help create a visual feeling of spaciousness.

Choosing furniture for a small apartment

Living in a small area requires creativity and careful planning, especially when it comes to choosing furniture. The right furniture can make a space cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this article, we will look at the top pieces of furniture that can make your small apartment comfortable and stylish.


A sofa-bed is a practical and compact furniture, that is equipped with functions for convenience, comfort and creating a cozy environment. The main feature of this item is space-saving. During the day, such a sofa will serve as an ideal place to accommodate several people in a sitting position, and at night it will fully replace a double bed.

Even a child can transform a folding sofa. Compact furniture is durable and reliable; such a system is difficult to break. Some models are additionally equipped with built-in shelves in which you can store things and objects. The design has only two main folding and unfolding positions; free space is required to reassemble the sofa.

When choosing folding furniture, you should give preference to models with special casters, which, when rolled out, will not damage the floor covering

sofa transformer


A transformable double bed is the best furniture option for rooms with a small area. When assembled, the bed occupies no more than 1 sq.m. Such furniture is appropriate in the interior of a living room, children’s and teenage bedrooms, and studio apartments.

Loft beds are also used in small apartments. On the first tier, there is a spacious sofa, wardrobe, table or chest of drawers, and on the second level, there is a full-fledged place to sleep.

Beds for small apartments can be equipped with a lifting mechanism. Free niches under the base can be conveniently used for storing bedding, linen, seasonal clothing, shoes, children’s toys and accessories. An alternative option for such a storage system is spacious drawers.

Transformable beds are characterized by the following advantages:

  • saving space;
  • hiding the sleeping area;
  • turning disadvantages into advantages (the wardrobe bed will be placed in a niche, and the wall bed will help to level out imperfect walls).

When purchasing a bed with drawers, it is important to consider that to accommodate them you will need a space of at least 25 cm in height. The furniture set will look ideal if the drawers and the bed are made of the same material.

bed transformer

Wardrobe in the hallway

In small-sized apartments, it is important to think over a storage system for things – one of the ergonomic furniture options is a wardrobe in the hallway up to the ceiling. It is preferable to choose a cabinet with facades in the color of the walls. Before you buy a corner cabinet for the hallway, you need to think about its contents. To rationally organize the storage of things, it is recommended to take care of accessories, boxes and baskets.
corner wardrobe

Boxes and baskets

Under the clothes hangers in the closet, you can place universal boxes or baskets with underwear, shoes and other accessories.

In addition, boxes and baskets can be placed under the bed, on open shelving, or in furniture niches. With the help of wardrobe trunks, it is easy to maintain order in the dressing room, closet, on open shelves in the hallway or in the kitchen.

shelf with baskets of clothe

Large mirror

Adding a large mirror in the hallway will add coziness and practicality to the limited space of this room. Installing such a mirror brings several benefits: visual expansion of the space, full-length reflection of a person for the convenience of the last check before leaving the house, the ability to hide defects in the wall surface, emphasizing the overall design of the room and creating a bright and pleasant atmosphere. When choosing a mirror surface, it is recommended to take into account the style direction so that it fits harmoniously into the overall design.
mirror in living room

Transformable table and folding chairs

A folding dining table will be useful in any apartment for receiving guests or family feasts. Such a piece of furniture will ideally fit even in the smallest kitchen and can be folded or unfolded if necessary. The compact table does not interfere with cooking and moving freely around the room.

Additional elements of the transformable table are folding chairs. Modern technologies make chairs as comfortable and functional as regular ones.

table transformer

Kitchen nook

The kitchen nook is a miniature sofa located near the table. The most suitable option for placing such furniture is in the corner of the room. Thanks to this arrangement, you can significantly save room space.

Furniture sets are often equipped with secret drawers for storing kitchen utensils and other items. Many models are transformable, providing additional sleeping space to accommodate guests. Additionally, you can place stools or chairs near the table and sofa. The size, shape, design and style of the product are selected according to personal preferences.

All interior elements in small apartments must be neatly organized and arranged in such a way as to create maximum visual space. Furniture in such rooms should not only have an aesthetic design but also perform several functions, thus optimizing the use of every square meter.

kitchen table with chairs